Kathy Tabor
Kathy Tabor Houston, Texas
Lori Sheidler from Dezigns for Living was hired to decorate my mother’s apartment as she moved into a retirement facility. Laurie did excellent work on many levels. She listened and understood what was liked and needed. She stayed within budget. She brought beautiful things that made my mother’s new home warm and inviting. She was always sensitive to the emotional upheaval my mother was experiencing. She was also always on time, followed-up on any details and built a wonderful relationship with my mother. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to make their home or office something very special.
Nancy Medrano
Nancy Medrano Chandler, AZ
I have known Lori Sheidler for several years as a friend. I have always admired her well appointed home and have been very impressed with the work she has done on other peoples homes. I recently moved to a new home in my same community. Although I was thrilled to move into a beautiful new home I was a little overwhelmed with the daunting task of unpacking and finding placement for all of the décor that fit perfectly in my former home. I hired Lori and she skillfully found a place for all of my cherished photos, ceramics, antiques, furniture, plants and more in my new home. Now my new home is as striking and gorgeous as other homes Lori has decorated. Thanks to Lori my new house feels like “home.”
Linda B.
Linda B. Phoenix, AZ
Lori Sheidler at Dezigns for Living, LLC made the process of downsizing, decluttering, and decorating stress-free. I moved from a four-bedroom home to a two-bedroom condo. The process that Ms. Sheidler assisted me included staging my home to sell (which sold in three days)! She then assisted with remodeling my condo to make everything move-in ready. She donated unused items and helped me select some new items to make my surroundings organized and beautiful. Hiring Lori Sheidler was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Susan H.
Susan H. Chandler, AZ

Lori Sheidler at Dezigns for Living, LLC did it all for us! She helped get my mom’s home prepared to rent. She helped us decide what to keep, sell, donate, and discard. She held a sale and helped us get top dollar for items we no longer wanted. She turned an overwhelming task into a pleasant experience all with a great deal of heart and empathy.

Richard and Karen Micheal
Richard and Karen Micheal Arizona

In early June we decided to commit to apartment in the Midwest after having spent 23 years as residents of Sun Lakes, AZ. A day or two after the decision was made, I “found” Lori. When she told me she was a “Senior Move Manager” I asked her to explain what that entailed – and she did. A day or two later she came to our home and the move process began. A short four weeks later packers and a moving van were at our home and we were on our way to our new residence. Lori made the process fun and easy – even though there was a lot of “memorabilia” to get rid of one way or another. She was extremely helpful in making what would have been agonizing decisions taking a long time into a streamlined process. I cannot recommend Lori strongly enough. Had it not been for her, I think we’d still be in that house trying to decide where things should go! She was also a great help in tying up all the loose ends after we’d left e.g. a tree in our backyard went down in a windstorm and she arranged for its removal/disposal. Did I say…. all (including the sale of our home which she staged) of this took place in a four-week period. Amazing to even think about it now.



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